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Dedicated to inspiring people to make a difference in the lives of others, Extended Hearts Community Partners supports organizations and projects making a difference in underserved communities. We provide grants and financial resources to organizations that operate projects both domestically and internationally within our mission and funding areas.                                                                                  


Causes we support:

Minorities & Technology

Only 1% of Internet start-ups founders are African-American and a part of our mission is to help inspire underrepresented technology entrepreneurs to turn there visions into a reality.



Women, Children & Families

Children account for less than 50% of our population, but they are 100% of our future.


Although they can’t vote or advocate for themselves, children all over the world have taken action to improve themselves, their homes, and their communities. They, like their parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, and neighbors want to grow up in healthy, clean communities with plenty of safe places for recreation. They want to go to schools with computer equipment that helps them to learn; and they too want to eat well and grow to be healthy and strong.


Kids want many of the positive things that adults want; that is why our initiative is to partner with organizations that focus on the development and advocacy of children and their families.


Social & Economic Justice Issues

Knowledge truly is power. With it, individuals have the ability to secure more promising futures, live out their dreams, and even protect themselves and loved ones from social injustices. At Extended Hearts Community Partners, we advocate for wide range of economic justice issues affecting women, from the glass ceiling to the sticky floor of poverty. These include welfare reform, livable wages, job discrimination, pay equity, housing, social security and pension reform, and much more.


Community Development

Extended Hearts believes that a community is not simply a group of people that share a zip code. It is within a strong community that every dream begins. It is a child’s first connection to the world around them; where they are nurtured and develop into socially responsible individuals. Where people learn, work, & play together, and new meaning is brought to the word “family”.


At Extended Hearts Community Partners, we work with organizations that aim to strengthen society through programs that focus on the betterment of our communities, ensuring that individuals of all ages are able to flourish in a safe and nurturing environment.



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