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Extended Hearts Community Partners is partnered with ExtendedHearts.com  which helps make online findraising services to come to life to help you raise money online and engage your constituency.

If you want practical, innovative fundraising solutions…we’ve got them.


A winning fundraising campaign demands two things — the right strategy and the right multi-channel solutions to go with it. At Extended Hearts Community Partners, we’re proud to offer both.


We are experienced in all aspects of fundraising. Our tools are developed to reflect what works. Always looking to improve, we continually analyze data and monitor trends in order to help clients become more effective communicators and to influence giving behaviors.


Each of our strategic consultants is uniquely positioned to offer fundraising consulting services to the charitable sector, ensuring that your organization is getting the most from online fundraising by utilizing technology based products and services.


Recognizing that “people give to people” makes it easy for our clients to turn their supporters into their biggest advocates by sharing their passion with others. What is the end result? Our clients are then able to utilize our user friendly tools and expertise to raise more money for their causes in a simplified manner with greater reach.



Extended Hearts helps your non-profit organization harness the power of the Internet.

We provide strategy and campaign management consulting to help you define your online fundraising plan, set goals, implement online campaigns (fundraising and communications), and analyze results.


·         Spread your message

·         Securely accept donations

·         Create a “community” interested in the cause

·         Help supporters engage and spread the word to their friends



As fundraising visionaries, we’re always looking for new ways to open up additional sources of funding for our clients and ways to make it easier for citizens to connect with charitable groups.


Our aim is to create a measurable and sustainable impact on philanthropic activity, and this drive to make a difference is what defines and separates Extended Hearts Community Partners from the rest.


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