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Extended Hearts Community Partners is partnered with ExtendedHearts.com which helps make online fundraising services to come to life to help you raise money online and engage your constituency.

Why Extended Hearts

Approximately 90% of the U.S. population has access to the Internet. Is your non-profit organization taking advantage of the most cost-effective way to increase awareness of your cause? When more people are informed, more good can be accomplished.

Extended Hearts fundraising services will aid your organization in appealing to donors by giving you the tools necessary to convey:

·         Powerful, moving images and compelling personal stories

·         A focus on those in need

·         A feeling of community and fairness

·         The interconnection between donors and those in pain

·         The understanding that a donor’s gift is not just a "drop in the bucket"

·         Statistics that are concrete, yet human and creative

·         Alternative ways to help (beyond the giving of money)

Most non-profit organizations don’t have the time or resources to build a fundraising tool “from scratch.” Extended Hearts has made it easy to initiate an online fundraising campaign, one that has been tested, proven, and customized for your organization.

Capture donor information online to communicate regularly with your supporters and to cultivate mutually-beneficial relationships. Our online tools allows you to instantly post donation pages, send email correspondence and more.


Extended Hearts makes it easy to:

·         Spread your message

·         Securely accept donations

·         Create a “community” interested in the cause

·         Help supporters engage and spread the word to their friends

Extended Hearts helps your non-profit organization harness the power of the Internet. We provide strategy and campaign management consulting to help you define your online fundraising plan, set goals, implement online campaigns (fundraising and communications), and analyze results.


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